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We Love Dogs!


We Love Dogs!

At Happy Pups we take our time.  We understand that grooming can sometimes be a traumatic event; our goal is to provide a pleasant experience.  We take our time, progressing at a rate that is comfortable for your pet.

Our electric lift grooming table has a large non-slip area that can safely accommodate a 200lb dog. The lift adjusts with a range of 15” to 40”. This avoids your pet from having to jump or be lifted onto the table.

What We Do

Full Groom

Includes: bath, shampoo, conditioner, blow dry, nails clipped, ears cleaned and hair styled/clipped. Prices are estimates and will vary depending on several factors:

Coat condition, is excessive de-matting required? If so a matted  dog waiver will require signing.

Behaviour of the dog

Type of cut required

Taxes are included.

Small dog (up to 30 lbs): $58+

Medium dog (30-60 lbs): $68+

Large dog (60-100 lbs): $79+

XLarge dog  (100+ lbs): $85+






Scrub a Dub Dubby

Includes: bath, dry and nails

Small dog: $25-$35

Medium dog: $35-$55

Large dog: $55-$65

XLarge dog: $65+

Feet, Face and Fanny

Includes: nail trim, paw pads cleaned, sanitary trim and visor trim.

Small dog: $21

Medium dog: $32

Large dog: $ 42 

Xlarge dog: $48

Quick Fixes

Ear Plucking: $11

Nails: $11

Nails and Pads: $18

Pretty Feet (shave, nail trim, paw pads cleaned): $23

Gland Expression: $11

Dog Walking

Coming Spring of 2021!

Yard Clean Up

Need assistance with your yard's poop and scoop? We'll visit you home and provide a quote for the removal of your pet's waste. Quote is valid for two days.


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